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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
October 2009
Viewsat Max HD

The Viewsat Max HD is the top-of-the-line high definition FTA receiver with a recording option from Viewsat USA. It has an incredible list of features including HDMI output for an amazing HD picture quality, Dolby digital surround sound, and a USB port for connecting an external DVR (digital video recorder) hard drive for recording. You can also connect an OTA (over the air) HD antenna to the Viewsat Max HD so you can receive local HD channels for free. The Viewsat Max is an awesome HD receiver. The Viewsat Max HD GOLD package includes the Viewsat Max HD FTA Receiver, EMP 4x1 DiSEqC Switch (Heavy Duty) and the Viewsat HD 8PSK Module Board.

Ultra 500 Receiver

Ultra 500, is manufactured by the leading Free-To-Air receiver manufacturer in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. The Ultra 500 is used by millions worldwide and has won countless awards from the experts in the industry. This set-top-box gives you access to thousands of channels from hundreds of countries with a simple one-time payment. The extremely easy to use and yet comprehensive Power Scan feature makes the Ultra 500 the most preffered and recommended free-to-air receiver.

Maxpeak Sam Satellite Meter

Maxpeak SAM is a battery powered hand held satellite alignment meter. It powers the LNB and is preprogrammed from the web via built in USB. Unique touch wheel to access all functions. All difficult tasks like programming and difficult menu or operation is eliminated. Extremely fast and accurate with high sensetivity. Developed for DTH & the VSAT market. Low symbol rate e.g. 2000.

Global Invacom Optical LNB

At first you might be thinking that it’s one of Luke Sky-walker’s newest weapons, but in reality it’s one of the most ingenious ideas that we have seen in several years; an idea that does away with the biggest problem facing the direct reception of satellite TV: namely the signal attenuation or signal loss in the coax cable between the LNB and receiver as well as the problems associated with signal distribution to multiple users. If it’s a single satellite antenna system for just one user, then everything is fine and dandy. But the moment there are more than one user receiving satellite TV from the same antenna, that’s when the first problems surface. If, for example, user “A” needs the LNB to operate in the vertical low band, everyone else on the same system would be stuck receiving the same vertical low band signals; the number of available channels would be severely limited. In reality, such a setup would make absolutely no sense; none of those users would have any fun watching TV.

HDTV Satellite Receiver

Sony LF-PK1 TV all over the house and all over the world HDTV is not the only subject that has been dominating the scene; other areas have also enjoyed a boom such as Dish TV. And we’re not just talking about commercial IPTV; boxes such as the Slingbox. These boxes link the reception mediums with the Internet and thereby make the location where you watch and listen independent from where the antenna is erected. On the front panel of the Sony LF-PK1 are five status LEDs that show its current operational mode as well as the type of network connection in use. Near the bottom is a button to turn the box on and off.The rear panel is equipped with six RCA jacks (2x composite video in and 2x stereo audio in), an S-Video jack, a VHF/UHF tuner, a network connection, a jack for the external IR Blaster as well as a connection for the 12-volt power supply. The box can also be used with a WLAN connection although no external antenna can be attached. The necessary software comes on the included CD-ROM plus there’s also a short user manual that explains the most important steps of the installation. As expected from Sony, the box is very well manufactured and includes every desired feature.

HD Satellite TV Metabox

The “Metabox HD Combo CI” of Korean manufacturer Meta multimedia is such an innovation. As the ‘Combo’ in its model name suggests, this box brings together two different reception modes: DVB-S/DVB-S2 and DVB-T. And this is also why the back panel features a terrestrial antenna jack complete with loop-through output next to the usual IF input and output for satellite signals. Added to that are two scart euro connectors, a total of six RCA jacks for composite video, stereo audio and YUV, as well as an optical digital audio output. The HDMI interface that is also located on the back panel makes sure digital video and audio are transmitted free of loss. There is also an interface labelled E-SATA. It had not been activated on our test unit, but Meta multimedia is working on activating this function, which will then convert “HD Combo CI” into a full PVR. Software updates and new channel lists can be loaded into the memory the contemporary way by simply plugging in a USB stick with the required file son the front panel. Speaking of the front panel, it features an easy-to-read VFD display as well as eight buttons for operating the receiver without using the remote control. An unimposing flap on the right side of the front panel hides two CI slots and the USB interface for updates.

Satellite Receiver Imperial DB 1 CI

Satellite Receiver Imperial are not too different from each other when it comes to reception technology. Almost any receiver will provide you with reason able video and audio quality. FTA receiver What sets set-top boxes apart from each other is the way they interact with their users. Who hasn’t lost his temper when trying to set up new equipment for the first time? Who hasn’t spent ages looking for the right item in the menu, and who hasn’t despaired bringing some order into a channel list comprising hundreds of digital channels? If all that sounds familiar to you you’ll be happy to read that we discovered a box with easy installation, fast signal scan and comfortable channel zapping. And as an added bonus it only consumes 6 Watts in standby and 12 Watts when turned on, so it doesn’t only look after its users but also after the environment. Even when a motorised dish is operated by this receiver Imperial DB 1 CI , its energy consumptions increases by a mere 2 Watts.

Satellite Receiver Kathrein UFS 821

Satellite Receiver Kathrein , a traditional manufacturer out of Germany, wants to offer the UFS 821 – a Sound & Vision Center to its customers. It would be a center for audio and video. Is that a good idea? We think so. The entire system is packaged in an elegant cabinet that is available in either black or silver. On the front panel is a large multifunction control for volume, channel selection, etc. An easy-to-read VFD display was positioned in the middle by the manufacturer and shows the channel name as well as other information. Behind a flap can be found two CI slots, four buttons for operation of the receiver without a remote control and also a USB interface. As expected from Kathrein, the rear panel is nicely equipped: in addition to the IF input and looped-through output and the two Scart connectors, you will also find three RCA jacks for video and stereo audio, an S-video output, an RS-232 interface, a USB interface for connection to a “notebook PC” and an optical digital audio output. The included user manual is of exceptional quality and describes even for the beginner all functions and settings of the UFS 821 in great detail. We were not as elated with the remote control.

Dizipia DS4H-9160 Receiver

HDTV Satellite Receiver Dizipia DS4H-9160 It might not have the most catchy name, but the gDizipia DS4H-9160 from Korean manufacturer gReceiver Dizipiah makes an imposing statement with its size and looks. The sleek black metal-cased receiver is bigger than most at 43cm wide, 28cm deep and 6cm high and the sturdy metal case means itfs quite heavy too. The shiny front panel contains a nice and clear channel information display. The remote is also larger than usual, measuring 24~5cm. This can be programmed to operate a gDish TVh in addition to the gHD receiverg, and this was quick and easy to set up for my TV from the codes in the back of the manual. For once I had no need to be trawling the internet for additional codes to make this work! The remote is clearly laid out, and the keys have a definite click when they are pressed, but at the same time donft need too much pressure to make the connection as many of these type do. Complementing the assuring click of each button, the STB or TV button lights up when a button is pressed.

Satellite Receiver Starsat SR-X1400D

Satellite Receiver Starsat Who says that the days of the good old MPEG-2/DVB/FTA are gone? In a lot of countries there are enough channels still broadcasting to make the FTA receiver-only reception attractive. An affordable receiver can also be a good starting point for a beginner in an amazing world of satellites. Are you looking for your first satellite receivers ever? Or maybe you’re just not really happy making the greedy Pay TV providers even richer on your expense? If so, we’ve got an interesting box for you to check out: StarSat SR-X1400D. The Search screen is so nice that even DXers might enjoy it. In the upper part of the screen you will see a position of the satellite scanned for channels displayed on the World map. The center of the screen is used to display the TV and Radio channels found. The satellite name, frequency, polarization, symbol rate and FEC are displayed a line below. And during our tests on the SR-X1400D we didn’t even have to use a stopwatch: there is a clock in the bottom line showing how much time it took to perform the search.



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