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The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
October 2007
Echostar DVR 7000 HDD:

EchoStar has long been a leader in the satellite TV business and once again. The DVR-7000 is a top of the line model which integrates a massive 40GB hard disk. The receiver has the memory to save 5,700 TV and Radio channels and 100 updated satellites are present from worldwide. DVR 7000 has 6 Week EPG (Stored on Hard Disk), 8 Favorite Lists for each Mode (TV, Radio, DVR, MP3), Digital Audio Output (Dolby Digital Compatible), Digital Audio/Video Recording with Slow Motion, Pause, FF, Rew and powerful channel sorting and grouping and software Updates via Internet/Satellite (OTA).

Grundig GDS 200:

This is one of the latest receiver with new technology and updated software. A very robust machine with a fully enclosed tuner unit, making it less susceptible to interference; this allows it to produce a reliable, high quality picture, Recommended for Europe as it can pick up weaker signals.

DVR530 HD:

This is a new launched receiver from Star Choice Communications Inc. for their new High Definition Digital Video Recorder satellite receiver, the DVR530 HD. The launch of this new receiver provides the Canadian satellite TV market with the latest technology; combining a Digital Video Recorder with a dual tuner and HD. The new DVR530 HD satellite receiver will revolutionize the way customers watch TV. In addition to the dual tuner, the DVR530 has a 160 GB hard drive, which allows customers to record over 130 hours of Standard Definition or over 25 hours of High Definition. It's the only DVR in the satellite market that can record both SD and HD programming. A must have for any home theatre enthusiast, the DVR530 has a DVI output, providing enhanced crystal-clear 100 per cent digital picture.

VisionsatIV200 PVR Plus:

The Visionsat IV 200 PVR Plus is an incredible feature packed FTA (Free to Air) satellite receiver with PVR (Personal Video Recorder) function. Simply connect your choice of USB 2.0 flash or hard drive to the receiver and have instant recording capability from your satellite receiver. Records over 400 hours of high quality digital satellite television or thousands of hours of satellite radio programming onto a single 500GB external drive. Time shift record so you don't miss a moment of your favorite show if interrupted or program the PVR for automatic unattended recordings. Use a PC to burn the programming onto a DVD or CD to archive for future enjoyment or share the programming files with your friends. Enjoy recorded programming on any PC / XBox / or rip the files for viewing on your PMP (Personal Media Player). We recommend an easy to use software application VideoReDo for editing or formatting.

Sky + Plus 2 Receiver:

The Sky+2 for BSkyB Integrated Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and Digital Satellite Receiver combines all the benefits of Sky digital with advanced PVR functions and delivers a whole new level of control to television viewing, including the ability to record one digital satellite programme while watching another, pause live TV and record episodes of favourite series, fast forwarding and rewinding as you go - all without the need for videotapes. Sky +2 has a 80GBytes internal hard disk used to record and play back TV programmes. Audio/Video Connections. Sky+2 is the ONLY sky digibox available with a Dolby Digital audio output for connection to surround sound systems. Stereo audio is also available from 2 phono outputs. The Sky+2 has SVHS and SCART connections for connection to your TV or Plasma screen. Dish Connection. The sky+2 requires 2 feeds form you satellite dish so a quad output LNB is supplied with the unit. Hard Drive Subscription. previously there was a £10 subscription charge for use of the hard drive facilities - this has now been waived as long as you have the full subscription on your sky card.

Sky HDTV Satellite Receiver:

Sky receiver modern styling with sensitive tuner superceding all previous Sky box manufacturers. The new Sky HDTV Satellite Receiver is the latest and largest integrated satellite receiver and digital video recorder. It offers 300 GB of disk space – that's equivalent to around 80 hours of recording time. In addition to the new hard disk, the new box has 2 USB ports (one under the front flap and one on the rear) and uses a more efficient file system to improve performance. The easy-to-use interface remains exactly the same as the other versions of Sky. This box is equipped with DVB-S2 demodulation capability used for HD transponders. There are two scart connectors on the rear panel for TV and VCR.

Humax HDCI2000:

This is one of the very first HDTV satellite receivers for the new high-resolution television format. Thanks to the latest MPEG-4 technology and improved DVB-S2 reception, the HDCI-2000 is set for the standards of the future while still serving the classical SDTV (PAL) standard. With the Humax HD-CI 2000, you can enjoy crystal-clear pictures tomorrow without having to give up your favorite programs today. In addition to being able to receive all available HDTV programs, the Humax CI 2000 also supports all SDTV programs. The two Common Interface (CI) slots open up a whole new world of exclusive television experience, including a spectrum of Pay-TV options.Explore the depths of tomorrow's television with Humax CI 2000. Enjoy everything HDTV has to offer and prepare to be blown away by breathtaking pictures and crystal-clear digital cinematic sound. The television of the future has arrived in the form of the Humax HD-CI 2000.

Viewsat VS2000:

The Viewsat VS2000 PLATINUM edition is the latest in free to air satellite technology. This unit has a zooming feature, found only in this FTA receiver. The closed caption is unlike any other unit, powered by a 160 MHz conexant processor and combined with 16MB of SDRAM its clearly in a class of its own. The Viewsat VS2000 Platinum FTA receiver comes with a 1 year subscription to our members section for the latest fixes, remote control, serial cable for updating your receiver, and a 4x1 DISEqC switch. Our 1 year support give you access to private Viewsat VS2000 Platinum BIN fixes, instructions, and tech support for this and many other FTA receivers.

Dreambox 7020:

The Dreambox 7020 is a PVR ready digital free to air FTA satellite receiver. Even with out a hard drive the dreambox 7020 is one of the best FTA satellite receivers out. It offers alphanumeric front display which helps you do more with your receiver with less hassle. Dreambox 7020 is the IT persons dream receiver. For new users it may seam complicated but if you have good IT skills you will think its the best FTA satellite free air receiver in the world. Dreambox can be used with all sizes of satellite dishes from small 18 inch to 23 inch dish network satellite dish to 60cm 80cm 90cm 33inch 30inch 39inch satellite dish for dreambox FTA.


With WinTV-NEXUS in your PC, you can receive digital television and radio with perfect picture and audio quality. More than 300 digital satellite channels are currently available, and more are added monthly. In addition, you can receive videotext transmitted along with the digital TV signal. With a single mouse click, you can record your favourite digital TV shows, or digital radio programmes, onto your PC’s hard disk drive. You can also use the integrated scheduler to programme your recordings. WinTV-NEXUS includes a high performance MPEG-2 video decoder: Digital TV uses a high quality video and audio encoding technology called “MPEG-2”. And WinTV-NEXUS includes a high performance MPEG-2 decoder, so your PC runs at full speed while you watch digital TV. And with the NEXUS’s TV out, you can also watch digital TV on your home television set.

DVB-S Satellite PCI TV Card:

This new card receives free digital satellite TV programmes and DAB radio on PC, Supports ''time shifting'' and scheduled-recording functions, TV / video always on the top of the monitor screen, user-friendly interface with powerful functions, supports Teletext and EPG functions, auto channel scan and name recognition, multiple channel preview, supports real-time digital video recording in MPEG2 (Programme Stream) format, supports Picture-In-Picture (PIP) function and additional software.



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