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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
October 2005
L-Band Beacon Receiver LBRX:

The L-band Beacon Receiver manufactured by Sat Service GmbH is a measurement tool, which measures the RF input level and provides this information as output signal for control systems. The main application of this receiver is in antenna tracking systems where the receiver provides the tracking signal level to the antenna step-track controller. Other applications can be pilot measurement and control loops like uplink power control. The beacon RX receives a satellite beacon signal, which is down-converted to L-Band by a PLL stabilized Low Noise Converter (LNC) at its L-band interface input. The beacon RX does not demodulate any satellite because the satellite signals are sometimes CW signals but also very often modulated in FM or BPSK form. Due to this fact the best implementation is a non-coherent receiver, which measures the input level in a user selectable defined bandwidth and provides this as a dB-linear and calibrated analogue output voltage and digital information. The level output is provided by three different and parallel available interface types: a HTTP Web Interface via an internal Web Server, a RS232 interface or the analog voltage output.

Triple Dragon DBS-3000 CNCIE:

PVR ready enthusiast's digital satellite receiver, with 2 integrated smart card readers (Conax) and 1 Common Interface slot. The Triple Dragon has been developed through input by over 600 users, headed by Uli Herrmann - behind the success of Dr Overflow. Features include unlimited favourite lists, 6000 channel capacity and Dolby Digital. Software can be updated via Windows, Linux TFTP servers or via PC networks. The receiver includes x Common Interface slot, x smart ard reader (Conax), 6000 channel capacity, PVR ready Multi-language OSD in English, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and more and Extendable multi-day EPG.

Force 536S-CV PVR Receiver:

Digital satellite PVR receiver with 2 CI slots, Conax + Viaccess embedded - plus 80GB HDD. Digital satellite receiver with built in 80GB Hard Disk. Viaccess and Conax embedded, plus 2 Common Interface slots. DiSEqC 1.2 motor control. Optical and coaxial digital audio outputs. The features include 5000 fully programmable channels, 30-day video timer interactive with EPG, TV SCART socket (output - RGB/S-VHS/CVBS), VCR SCART socket (input - RGB/S-VHS/CVBS, output - S-VHS/CVBS), Optical and coaxial digital audio outputs, Stereo phono audio outputs, 2 common interface CAM slots and Embedded Viaccess and Conax CAMs.

TechniSat DigiCorder S1 with 120 GB HDD:

The excellent DigiCorder S1 series from TechniSat, finally provides a low cost, yet high quality HDD-equipped set-top box range. The receiver is embedded with time Timeshift, Record control via SFI (SiehFern INFO EPG), Comfort index and archiving system, DiSEqC 1.2, 4000 channels, 1 CI slot and Pre-programmed channel list

Pace Sky DigiBox DS430N:

The Pace Sky DigiBox (DS430N) is designed for BSkyB's UK digital satellite service Sky Digital, and can also be used with Free-to-View smart cards for ITV, Channel 4 and Five. This box is sold as contract-free and can be used without a telephone connection. The receiver is User-friendly on-screen 'SkyGuide',OTA software updates, Terrestrial Antenna Input, RF Output / 2nd RF Output, TV A/V SCART, VCR A/V SCART,Analogue Audio Outputs, RS232, RF Input, Telco Modem - A V.34 PSTN and High speed Data Port.

New multi-encryption CAMs:

Cardmania announces the availability of three new multi-encryption CAMs - the Dragon CAM, XCAM and the Matrix CAM Revolutions. Labelled as being ‘next generation,’ the modules include an enhanced, higher memory capacity than their predecessors, allowing the installation of more recent applications, such as the widely reported cardless solution for decrypting several of the format 2 encrypted platforms.

Manhattan Plaza ST 500:

Digital satellite receiver with Irdeto embedded + 2 CI slots, 36V positioner and blind search. The Plaza ST 500 offers twin Common Interface, embedded Irdeto, and 36V 5 Amp DC Positioner. It is available in our 38cm cabinet design. Standard features include our unique Blind Search tuner, built-in games, 7-Day EPG, Over the Air upgrade, , DiSEqc 1.2 and USALS amongst others. The receiver comes preprogrammed with 5000 TV and Radio channels and 40 updated satellites from worldwide.

Raven G50 90cm mesh dish:

The company had changed the aspect of the antenna to reduce interference by lowering the sidelobes and narrowing the beamwidth. Compare the 3-degree isolation of a conventional compact dish (-9dB) to the Gemini 50cm (-14dB). Specific design criteria built-in to eliminate non-symmetrical illumination of offset focus feedhorns (eg. for ASTRA and EUTELSAT dual illumination). Narrow beam and low sidelobes make Gemini the best choice for Motorized Systems. AZ/EL mounting supplied.

Lemon 070 PVR:

The new Lemon Digital Video Recorder combines a hard disc TV recorder and a set top box equipped with two digital TV tuners. The product represents the cutting edge of digital TV technology and gives you better control and the freedom to watch what you want, when you want. The Lemon 070 PVR comes in various hardware configurations for both satellite and terrestrial use.



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