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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
October 2004
Dreambox DM 5620-S :

This box has 2 x DVB Common-Interface and 1xSmartcard-Reader with MPEG2 Hardware decoding. It is mostly Common available NIMs (DVB-S, DVB-C), V.24/RS232 Interface and 100Mbit full duplex Ethernet Interface (only DM5620) with 4-digit 7-segment display. This magnificent receiver has Up to 64 MByte of RAM,unlimited channel lists for TV/Radio, full automatic service scan, supports directly bouquet-lists (indirect unlimited) and supports EPG (electronic program guide) with multiple LNB-Switching control (supports DiSEqC). Dreambox DM 5620-S has a fully adaptable OSD in many languages (skin-support), SPDI/F Interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3 / DTS), RF - Modulator and Video-Out Chinch and 2 x Scart-interfaces (fully controlled by software).

FRT101 Digital Terrestrial Receiver :

The Digifusion FRT101 Digital TV Set-top will revolutionise the free-to-air market, with its unique Rewind TV feature. Its contemporary styling is combined with a proprietary Multi Guide™ EPG System, offering an easy to use, true 7 day programme guide ( UK only). The FRT101 is also designed to meet digital terrestrial broadcast standards today and in the future, the receiver is fully compliant with current DVB-T & MHEG-5 standards. The units unique Rewind TV feature allows usres to rewind around the last 30 seconds of the programme being watched, so you can truly Re-Live the Moment. It has access to all available digital TV, radio and interactive channels available.

FVRT200 Twin Tuner Digital Video Recorder :

The Digifusion FVRT200 is an enhanced Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Along with the extensive features of Digifusion's FVRT100, the upgraded version boasts an impressive 80Gb Hard Drive with the capacity to store, using SCT, over 80 hours of programming. The unit will also provide a 7 day EPG, so you can plan your viewing and recording for the week ahead. Recording has never been easier—scheduled recordings can be set up to a week in advance ( UK only). With added connectivity to an external HDD, programmes can easily be archived for future viewing. Super Compression Technology (SCT) is Digifusion's new technology that enables a DVR to deliver the maximum record time—comparable products with similar hard disk sizes can only achieve a fraction of the recording time available on the FVRT200. Using the 7 Day EPG you can set recordings up to a week in advance with access to all digital TV, radio and interactive services available.

TM-7700 2VA 2CI:

It is One of the fastest receiver ever having 280mm x 55mm x 235mm, 2 Embedded Viaccess + 2 CI (Common Interface) Slots, Less than 1 Second channel change, Up to 70 Satellites and 5,000 channels ,65mb sd ram total memory and Fully DVB compliant with DiSEqC Indicator and Multi-Event Timer. It is Full navigation auto finding and auto tuning, Super Sensitive tuner for very weak signals On Screen diseqc and usals positioner display- moves dish incase of rain and bad wheather ,Auto satellite finder- just turn usals ON and select, for example, HotBird and it will find it instantly ,High quality video and sound by MPEG-2 standard ,Easy-to-use menu system with comments for guide ,Channel deleting, moving and sorting functions ,Automatic digital Satellite signal detecting Function and Separate automatic search for newly added transponders and channels. It has Delete Function subtitle supported by osd & vbi and 8 Favourite Channel grouping and sorting function.

Euro-6600 CX + 2CI:

The Eurostar launched their latest receiver. The Euro-6600 CX +2CI has the enough memory for 5000 channels. It is Fully MPEG2, DVB compliant ,2 common interface ,Embedded Conax ,13 language OSD (English, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, etc.) ,PIG (Picture In Graphic) support ,EPG for on-screen display ,TELETEXT supported through VBI ,DSR to DSR data transfer ,0/12 V ,S-VHS output and DiSEqC 1.2.

Marantz video converter :

The VQ2400 has inputs for composite video, S-video and component video sources. If you prefer spending weekends in front of your top-flight home theater system instead of a few days gazing at palm trees and a sunny beach, this little black box may be for you. The Marantz VQ2400 video converter simplifies the debacle of hooking a stack of video components to your TV. And it can make your setup look a lot better, too.This small, unobtrusive device is a hard worker. It accepts the outputs from up to three analog video sources, and lets you plug them all into your TV via a single component video cable--eliminating the rat's nest of cables that detracts from the sleek beauty and coolness of your video system. The device gives you three input choices: composite video, S-video and component video.The converter can be used with an A/V receiver or as a standalone device. As a standalone the VQ2400 is also a video switcher, so you'll never need to change inputs on your monitor. A typical setup might include a DVD player, a VCR and a video game console attached to your TV through the device.

ORX1 Optical Receiver Module :

New module from Tekmedia optical line. This unit is suitable for forward path analog optical link. With push pull rf amplifiers for minimum distortion all over 47-870MHz band. Stand alone metal case, needs only power supply connection (single). With LEDs for alarm and power on. Available 8 pins dil connector for plug mounting, with optical level detect output.

Pay-Access System for Hotels :

The Pay Access system designed by TEKO is the ideal solution for hotels wishing to offer clients offer a selection of pay TV channels without changing the existing programme schedule or modifying the existing in-house distribution system. In order to facilitate installation and use, Pay Access has been designed as a modular system consisting of three principle units: head-end, system access box set, time card reader set - installed in the reception. The head-end is installed alongside the head-end of the existing system (which may be simply a channel filter block and a line amplifier) and is then connected to the audio/video supply source (usually sat. decoder or video recorder) which can supply up to a max. of six units. At this point the selection of additional six channels are available however, only when the client chooses to activate the Pay Access service.

AcuSat professional Satellite Dish Positioning Software:

AcuSat computes Elevation/Azimuth look angles for all geostationary satellites. AcuSat is easy to use and contains a database of 30 satellites and 500 worldwide cities. All of the databases are fully customizable. AcuSat's calculation provides a magnetic azimuth earing, so there is no need to consult maps and input magnetic variations. AcuSat automatically computes your site values and etermines your elevation and compass bearings in an easy to read on-screen display.


The Fast Fiber Converter Series from MX provides the option to choose from the most popular fiber cabling connectors - ST or SC. The FX side can be set for full-duplex only or half-duplex operation, if required. The UTP side is terminated with industry standard RJ-45 ports (straight through and crossover) for your 10/100Base-TX cable connection.Auto-negotiation is default position, these units will automatically tailor themselves to convert both half-duplex and full-duplex signals or 10Base-T and 100Base-TX, depending on your specific network. The Fast Fiber Converters gives you the freedom to extend your 10/100Mbps cabling distance by allowing connectivity up to 120 kilometers.Six LED indicators signals the power status of the converter, UTP port speed, duplex status and Link/RX and FX port Link/RX and duplex status.



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