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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
January 2010
DISH Network ViP722 DVR HD

The ViP722 features an internal hard drive for its DVR, which is good for storing up to 350 hours of standard-definition (SD) programming or up to 55 hours of high-definition (HD) programming. The ViP722's DVR function also allows you to pause live TV for up to an hour for each tuner. The ViP722's back panel offers a wide variety of connectors, including a coaxial connection for over-the-air HD broadcasts. Two additional coaxial connections allow for two signals from the satellite, which means that you can watch one show while recording another with the DVR. The two connections for the satellite also enable "dual mode" and "single mode". In dual mode, you can simultaneously watch different programming on two different TVs. (However, only one of the TVs can make use of an HD signal; the second TV must run an SD signal.) In single mode, the receiver can create picture-in-picture output for two TVs, but they must display the same images. Two remotes (one of which is equipped with UHF Pro technology) allow the dual mode to work well, even when the TVs are in different rooms.

DirecTV HR21-700

Thanks to the DirecTV HR21-700's combination of high-definition (HD) programming and digital video recording (DVR), it's a handy satellite receiver, especially for people who don't necessarily have room in the TV cabinet for more than one piece of hardware. You can view both HD and standard-definition (SD) signals with the HR21-700. If you need to connect an over-the-air antenna to your satellite receiver, however, the HR21-700 isn't a good choice, as it only accepts input from the satellite dish. DirecTV doesn't yet offer local channels in HD in every market, making the lack of an over-the-air option a potentially big problem with this receiver. In fact, the lack of an over-the-air connector is arguably the major difference between the HR21-700 and the company's HR20-700 model. The DirecTV HR21-700 looks very similar to the HR20-700, at least on the front panel. The unit's infrared sensor is large, allowing you to easily use the remote control from an angle. On the front panel, you'll find several handy buttons, including Power, Guide, Menu, Record, four-direction arrows, Info and Resolution (which allows you to select from four different HD resolutions) buttons. You'll also find two hidden panels on the DirecTV HR21-700 that contain the access card slot, the Reset button, and a USB port (which is designed for future use, according to DirecTV).

Humax Foxsat-HDR

The Foxsat-HDR features a 320GB hard-disk, which dwarfs the 160GB hard-disk inside the Sky+ HD box and allows you to record up to 80 hours of hi-def programmes or 200 hours of standard-definition programmes. It also boasts twin satellite tuners, enabling you to record one channel while watching another or record two channels while watching a third. In addition to the impressive hard-disk capacity the unit also supports Freesat+, which like Freeview+ is a group of features that makes it really easy to record programmes using data from the respective broadcasters. They include Series and Split Recording; Accurate Recording, which tracks the start and end times of programmes and adjusts the recording schedule accordingly; Schedule Tracking, which records the programme if it moves to a different day or time, and Alternate Instances, which searches the EPG to find another broadcast if the recording schedule overlaps. The unit constantly records up to two hours of TV into a buffer memory, which allows you to pause and rewind live TV, but sadly you can't retrospectively record programmes from the buffer. You can also start watching a programme before it has finished recording, or ‘chase play' in marketing speak.

Kaon KTF-200

Max 1,000 Channels of TV & Radio Programmable Advanced Sensitivity & Selectivity of COFDM Tuning and Demodulation Fault-Free of Pre / Post Echo error in SFN or MFN OSD Teletext, VBI Teletext and Subtitling Function Available Intelligent Banner includes Channel Selection & Information View Various Games Included Dolby Digital Bitstream Audio Out via S/PDIF (Option) Automatic Demonstration and Usage Guide MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB-T Compliant Fast Auto-programming and User-friendly Installation Stripping EPG with Now, Next and Full (7 Days) 256 Color OSD & Convenient 2-layer GUI Architecture Powerful Channel Control by Favorites, Delete, Lock, Move and Skip Channel.

Cube Revo Twin Tuner HD PVR:

Flagship Hi-Def Twin Tuner Box CubeRevo High-Def Linux Twin Tuner PVR with optional 500GB drive. As standard this unit ships with 2xDVB-S2 tuners (2xhigh definition satellite tuners). The CubeRevo is similar to the popular AB Com IP Box 9000 apart from it comes with a far superior updated front panel display which provides extended Tuner and Recording information, which is not available on the AB Com version. The CubeRevo is from the original manufacturer and software writers DGStation. The CubeRevo comes with Plus and Play tuners (2xDVB-S2 as standard) which can be switched between Satellite, Cable and Terrestrial, we keep a full range of tuners in stock. On our site we offer a couple of cost and no-cost tuner options but if you have a particular requirement please let us know by email or telephone.

Traxis DBS1500

This latest receiver in the Traxis line comes to the USA. With this unit finally make the plunge into to conform to a smaller footprint. Lets face it these other boxes have a lot of wasted space even the Traxis 2500. It makes a lot of sense to make a smaller footprint for the electronics to fit into, except when you are making use if a PVR setup. Also any CI or common interface does not take up much room. With a this smaller foot print the Traxis 1500 is half the height and approximately three quarters of an inch smaller around the four sides than the Traxis 2500. Now you can ship double the units for the same price. A new mirrored finish in the display panel is kind of cool & different, when the digits, power, and digital lock lights up, it is like looking through a two way mirror. Different to this unit is its dual video out, which I cannot see much sense to only if there was a duel AV out so you can on set of AV to your TV and the other to a channel modulator. The receiver comes with 3 games, and many manufacturers are including games but please give me a break. Some of these games that the companies include give me flash backs from back in the 1970's. Who would even play these when you have play station , xbox, and nintendo.

Satwork ST3188

The Satwork satellite receiver is a new entry to the DVB receiver market. Boasting a new and different front panel design that flips forward to access the front panel controls. The front panel is a sleek new design. The new software upgrades has helped some shortcommings from when the unit since it was first introduced. Channels scanned are added to one satellite list and cannot be sorted or displayed by satellite description. No DiSEqc 1.2 for small dish mover. Preprogramed satellite frequencies are updateable.

DMT 1050

The DMT 1050 was the hottest receiver to hit the market when it was first brought in to the USA, and still is as far as I am concerned only when installing satellite systems due to its small size and it signal strength viewing screen. The new software that is floating around the net makes channel sorting by satellite a breeze for hardcore satellite viewers. Marginal signals that are weak like on the Atlantic side tend to lock the receiver when it is sitting on low signal for a long time. When this box locks up the only way to release it is to pull the power plug to reset it. There seem to be power going through the unit while just powering off the using the switch at the back of the recover so you cannot do a full reset unless pulling the plug.

Coolsat 4000 Pro

Coolsat 4000 Pro a new contender in the marketplace also which is the second Coolsat release. The first was the Coolsat 4000 which did not have blind search but the New Coolsat 4000 Pro does. A lot of hype and creative marketing is going on for this unit, also some very boastfully features which we had to look into.

Openbox X820 Satellite Receiver

The receiver has capacity to store 9000 channels programmable(7000 TV channels, 2000 radio channels), 4000 transponders, 96 satellites, 1 CA card reader and 2 CI slots embedded for irdeto, viaccess, nagravision, conax, cryptoworks, mediaguard, and others, MPEG-1 & 2 /DVB compliant video and CD quality sound, User- friendly Multi-language OSD with 256-color, Easy installation for multiple satellites, SCPC/MCPC receivable from C/Ku-band satellites, Support of reports DiSEqC 1.0/2.0, DiSEqC 1.1, DiSEqc 1.2 and USALS, Automatic choice of code page of a font, Last channel memory whenever operation and system of display of full given TV of the channel lists.

FTE Max S200 OEM

It is fully MPEG-2,Digital&Fully DVB compliant, Meun-drive on screen Display, SCPC&MCPC receiveable from C/KU Band satellite, 6000 channels TV& Radio, Fast channel switching, Net work search, Favourate list, Multi menu languages, Picture RF-Modulator and Electronic Program Guide.

Openbox X 730 PVR

It is Personal Video Recorder, Event Recording by EPG, Recording and Playback Simultaneously, USB2.0 Host Support (MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer), MPEG-II Digital & Fully DVB Compliant, Blind Scan, Multi-LNB Controlled by DiSEqC Control Version 1.0, 1.2 and USALS, Multi-Satellite Search, Support EPG (Electronic Program Guide), On-Screen Display with 65535 Color Full Resolution, Favorite Channel Groups, Powerful Channel Control By Favorites, Lock, Skip, Move and Delete, Channel Sorting by Alphabet, Transponder and CAS, Maximum 10.000 channels Programmable and Multi-picture Display.



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