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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
January 2009

The receiver comes in a rather plain but nonetheless good-looking silver case. The front panel supports a very easy to read 4-digit segment display, flanked by two LEDs to indicate the box's operating mode. Hidden behind a flap are seven keys to operate the DTS 6600 without remote control, as well as two CI slots which accept all standard modules such as Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess, Conax, Nagravision and so on. Only the standby button can be reached without opening the flap. This is also why we were hardly impressed to find a pre-release model of Jiuzhou's HDTV DVB-S/2 PVR receiver in our test lab. After all, HDTV in combination with PVR functionality is a clear step into the future. And with the DTS 6600 Jiuzhou intends to become a significant player in future. The back panel reveals a comprehensive range of connections such as satellite input and loop-through output, a HDMI interface for fully digital video and audio transmission, three sockets for YUV as well as three additional RCA jacks for stereo audio and composite video. The Jiuzhou DTS 6600 is an easy to use HDTV DVB-S/2 PVR receiver with hardly anything left to be desired thanks to its wide range of features. It is perfectly suited for everyday use and will delight beginners and experts alike.


The front panel contains an on/standby button, and the vertical set of buttons control channel and volume. These light up in red when the unit is powered up, and they're quite bright too - almost too bright when watching TV in a dark room. A crisp text display shows the name and number of the channel being received, or the clock in standby. In standby mode, the button lights are still on, joined by the matching red glow of the on/standby button. Under the flap on the front panel we find two CI slots for pay-TV modules and even a Smart card reader. Also under the flap is a USB socket, used to upgrade the receiver's firmware from a USB stick. There's plenty of options to choose from when it comes to hook-up time. Two Scart sock are available for TV and VCR. Helpfully for recording purposes, the VCR Scart always outputs in standard definition, so even HD channels can be easily recorded to videotape if required.


With the S650 Taiwanese manufacturer TeVii introduces a further development of its DVB-S USB Box S600, which is now also capable of receiving high-definitions channels (HDTV). The S650 Box comes in a metal case which gives it a very sturdy look and the level of workmanship is also very high. Its backside features a satellite IF input as well as a loopthrough output. An external power pack – which is also connected to the rear panel –provides the box with all the power. On one side we find a USB host interface for connecting the box to a Windows or Linux based PC with USB 2.0. in case you're wondering yes, it's true– TeVii also offers a Linux driver for its latest product. An infra LED is located behind a prored protective cover on the front panel for picking up commands from the remote control. The TeVii S650 USB box is a compact DVB-S/2 receiver for the PC. For SD reception it does not require the latest PC equipment and should work smoothly with most systems. The included soft ware nothing to be desired. TV reception (SDTV and HDTV) worked absolutely flawlessly in our test with an Intel Core2 Duo 1.8 GHz processor.


ABCom has already positively surprised us with several brilliant IPBoxes recently. Such Linux-based receivers are especially valued by the satellite enthusiasts, who love to experiment. At the same time, ABCom designed its own firmware in a way that it would be understandable to all family members. Hardcore DXers always had a rich variety of alternative firmware variants to choose from. Installation of the AB Boxes that we know wouldn't be complete without connecting it to your home network, directly to Internet. In case you have a router, just connect the IPBox 900HD to it with an Ethernet cable, and you're set. DHCP should take care about all the IP address setting hassle etc, but if for whatever reason it doesn't work, all the parameters can be set up manually. If you're connecting directly to the Internet, ADSL user information take just seconds to be entered. At the moment it can mainly be used for the convenient software upgrade from IPBox 900HD automatically logs in to the FTP server, offering you several firmware versions to choose from.


Most large satellite antennas are because using such a big construction to focus on a single satellite position is not economical enough. Making a large dish a motorised dish thus makes sense to receive signals from a number of other satellites as well. The fact that the C band offering on most positions is rather limited also contributes to that. resist the frequently violent storms in Indonesia. more than sufficient for a large dish. also more than enough for standard installations.


The Buzz S2010F Plus, brought to you by Buzz Satellite, is part of the 200MHz class of high power FTA receivers that has the muscle to make the user experience a memorable one. The blazing 200 MHZ NEC emma2 proccessor equiped BUZZ S2010F PLUS allows for a smooth operating system that is both intuitive and feature rich. It easily handles the most demanding processes like EPG calls, timer functions, channel "surfing"(rapid channel changes). The Buzz S2010F Plus has the same user interface as the original Buzz S2010F and shares the same level of support. The box has the ability to store 6000 TV and Radio channels. It supports seven days EPG system.


The Sonicview 1000 is the brand's flagship model and offers quality and dependability in an affordable solution. This unit features a great electronic programme guide, and with all kinds of other incredible features this top of the line Sonicview 1000 receiver blows its competitors right out of the water. Continuous customer satisfaction has made the Sonicview 1000 and its brand rise to the top. The receiver has full 7 Day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), having capacity to store 6000 TV and Radio Channels, capacity for 100 Satellite Programmable and Zoom In Picture (View Up To 14 Channels Simultaneously) with DISEqC Control Version 1.0, 1.2 and USALS.


Today's modern receivers often have 2 tuners on board. To take full advantage of such receiver you need to use a twin LNB. If more than one receiver is in the house, you should think of a quad or quattro LNB. Only then will you have a full freedom of what to view and what to record at the same moment. On the other hand, we have more and more HD channels worth watching. They are often coded in DVB-S2 with high FEC values and because of that they require a signal of somewhat better carrier-to-noise ratio than the common SDTV channels we got used to. Such signal we can get either from a bigger dish or a better low noise) LNB. Excellent LNB's with outstanding noise per for all models and additionally increased output power for twin and quattro types. Products especially suited for new twin tuner HD receivers.


The Coolsat HD 8000 is the market's first fully functional High Definition free to air receiver. You can finally watch your free to air satellite television the way it was meant to be viewed with full enhanced HDTV picture quality! The Coolsat 8000 HD unit is for the die hard satellite television enthusiast who wants only the best picture quality. This is the perfect device for any high end fancy plasma television owner that does not want to lose picture quality in order to get better channels and programming! The Coolsat 8000 is more than just a free to air receiver, it is a way of life. Coolsat has 10 Languages (OSG and Menu) English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Parsi, Last Channel Memory Function, MPEG 2 & Fully DVB Compliant and channels memory of 6000 TV and Radio channels.


Some of the main features of Visionsat are USB 2.0 Host Support(MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer), MPEG-II Digital & Fully DVB Compliant, Blind Scan, Multi-LNB Controlled by DiSEqC Control Version 1.0, 1.2 and USALS Multi-Satellite Search, Support 7-Day EPG, On-Screen Display with 16 bit Color Full Resolution, Favorite Channel Groups, Powerful Channel Control by Favorites, Lock, Skip, Move and Delete, Channel Sorting by Alphabet, Transponder and CAS, Multi-language Supported (OSD & Menu), Closed Caption Support (OSD and VBI Insertion), Maximum 5,000 Channels Programmable, Multi-picture Display Zoom Function in Pause, Parental Lock / Receiver Lock, CVBS Video & Audio Output via RCA, S-VHS Video Output, Optical & Coaxial Output for Digital Audio with Universal Remote Control and Smart Card Reader.



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