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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
January 2008
Pansat FTA Receiver:

Pansat is probably the most well known FTA Receiver manufacturer of all. Pansat has been around since the beginning of the whole FTA craze. Pansat has built a great name for itself over the years. Pansat has realeased many different FTA Receiver models including the Pansat 2300a, Pansat 2500a, Pansat 3500 s, Pansat 3500 sd, Pansat 6000HC, Pansat 2800a, Pansat 5000HXC, Pansat 250sm, and Pansat 9200 HD. N2News has been supporting Pansat receivers since the Pansat 2500a days. Pansat has been probably the biggest name in the entire FTA world. Pansat receivers are available world wide but are mainly available in North and South America. Pansat gained it's ever continuing popularity because of their timing. Pansat is really the first mainstream name brand manufacturer of household FTA satellite receiver boxes. Each Pansat receiver has lived up to it's name. They are easy to use and come with a 1 year factory warranty with Pansat. Being the receiver manufacturer that's been around the longest and has made the most receivers, you know that Pansat can be trusted as a quality satellite receiver.

Conax Sat FTA Receiver:

The Conax Sat FTA Receiver is one of the lesser known Free to air receivers. None the less, it's still a great receiver with lots of potential. Easy to use and inexpensive is the two biggest features of the Conax Sat FTA Receiver. Conaxsat has also been the FIRST receiver to release a fix during the last five ecm's. The CNX-V1, the first receiver released by Conaxsat and the start of something big for the company that now has a total of four different receivers on the market and a brand new HD satelltie receiver about to be released. The CNX-V1 is the first of the Conaxsat line. A good reliable receiver which is very much like a viewsat or sonicview in quality.

Sky+ PVR Digital Satellite Receiver:

Exceptionally versatile, and highly recommended, the hype says that this will change the way you watch TV, and for once, it's not wrong! Sky Plus offers a better experience for Sky customers - you can set programmes to record up to a week in advance, watch one satellite channel while recording another satellite channel, record programmes without videotape, record two different channels at the same time, and pause / rewind live TV (when the phone rings). It also has a feature called 'Series link', which automatically records episodes of your favourite series, keeping track of schedule changes. The current Sky+ boxes holds around 40 hours of shows, and recently was awarded top of the PVRs in a PVR survey conducted by a leading consumer magazine.

Arion AF-9400 PVR:

This Arion PVR is designed with multi-satellite in mind; and you can upgrade the hard drive yourself. Connections include an HDMI digital AV port, which is unique on a product of this type. The AF-9400's hard drive is easy to replace, should it malfunction or prove too small. Free-to-air satellite PVRs are a great idea, certainly if you're an enthusiast - you get most of the advantages of the excellent Sky+ without the need for a subscription. The Arion AF-9400 has several advantages compared with the cheaper (subsidised) Sky box: it's more versatile; it's designed with multi-satellite in mind; and you can upgrade the hard drive yourself. Then there's the HDMI digital AV port, which is unique on a product of this type. Partner the AF-9400 with a HD-Ready TV and you'll bypass the analogue conversion stages, getting better picture and sound quality. The AF-9400 won't tune into hi-def broadcasts, but it will upscale standard-def broadcasts to 576p, 720p or 1080i

TM-7755 2VA:

TM 7755 2VA 2CI is the fastest receiver in the market (all the Technomate models have fast processor chips. Technomate-7755 2VA 2CI it is a hardware patch receiver. TM-7755 has got 2x CI slots (common interface ) and 2x Viaccess card slots which allow you to insert 2 different card in the same time. There is lots of software you can download in to the TM-7755 and you can use top slots as a MULTIKRYPT and the bottom slots can be changed from Viaccess to Irdeto. The receiver switches automatically between NTSC and PAL. The receiver has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels.

Global Intersat DSR 9005 CI Extreme:

With Global Intersat DSR-9005 CI Extreme, you can get access to thousands of TV and Radio channels full of entertainment. Global Intersat DSR-9005 CI Extreme is designed with a sleek and elegant look. Aside from the "glowing" on/off button on the front panel, there are six buttons for the operation of this receiver even without the remote control. Also it has two CI slots for use with various conditional access (CA) modules. Global Intersat DSR-9005 CI Extreme's rear panel is very nicely equiped with two Scart connectors for both TV and VCR, a satellite IF input for satellite dish input, an output for a Loop-throught to a secondary receiver, three RCA jacks for video and stereo audio, an RS-232 interface to read and load data information, an optical digital audio output (SPDIF), a TV IN for a terrestrial (conventional) TV aerials and a TV OUT for connecting an RF cable to the aerial input of a TV.

EchoLink EL 4000:

Combi digital satellite/digital terrestrial set-top box, with embedded Multicrypt smartcard reader and 2 CI slots. Stores 6000 channels, supports DiSEqC/USALS motor control. The receiver has Picture in Graphics Function, Multi-picture function (4,9,10,13 or 16 pictures), Multi language menu, 8 favourite channel / parental lock, Auto NTSC / PAL switching, Teletext Supported by OSD & VBI, Dolby Digital Output and data transfer / PC-to-Receiver /Receiver-to-Receiver.

Kaon KSC-S660HD:

High Definition and digital satellite receiver with 2 Common Interface slots, VFD display, 4000 channel capacity. Also features Component and HDMI A/V outputs and USB 2.0 port. The receiver has 8 favourite channel lists, DiSEqC Version 1.0, 1.2 and USALS, Software-Update over Satellite and USB port, Child protection features, 2 Scart connections, Optical Dolby Digital output and USB 2.0 connection port.

Vantage 2Ci Receiver (VT-X101S CI):

The Vantage X101SCI is a premiumclass CI receiver. Nice Design and all technical features needed, make him a real good receiver. This box has the capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels, 2 CI Slots for receiving Pay TV channels, 2 Scart, 256 Colour OSD, DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2, USUALS, Teletext, serial interface RS232 Port for Software update, S/PDIF and MPEG2 & fully DVB Compliant with full advance EPG ( 7 days ).

SAB Explorer CISC:

This is fully MPEG - 1&2/DVB Compliant Video and CD quality sound, User-friendly multi-language OSD with 256-color, Easy installation for multiple satellites, Positioning by DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS, Powerful EPG with multiple-day information, Zoom-in function, Auto resolution conversion for NTSC/PAL, Maximum 6000 channels programmable, SCPC/MCPC receivable from C/Ku-band satellites, Last channel memory whenever operation off, Multi event timer function (daily/weekly), Teletext (OSD/VBI insertion) and subtitle, 4 digit and 7 segment front panel display.

Traxis DBS5500 FTA + CI Satellite Receiver:

DBS5500 is a high cost-effective household digital satellite receiver which builds in ST powerful single chip processor: STi5518. It’s your final choice to enjoy free to air satellite programs. It also has Common Interface for Conax, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Mediaguard, Nagravision, SECA, Viaccess, NDS and more. The box has the capacity to store 4500 TV and Radio Channels, 200 Favourite Channels, 256 Colours On Screen Display (OSD), PAL-NTSC Auto-conversion System, DiSEqC1.2, Multi-language OSD (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian), Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and VBI Teletext Support, RF Modulator for TV standard (PAL B/G/D/I/K, NTSC) and Automatic Search for Transponders and Channels

Advanced HDD Satellite Receiver:

The receiver has 2 Conditional Access (CAM) slots, Alphanumeric Display, capacity to store 6000 Channels, 80 GbH or 160 GbH Versions, Up to 80 Hours Recording, Embedded Time shift, DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/2.0, HF/RF Modulator, Media Manager, Picture in Picture, OSD in 7 Languages, Up to 10 Favourite Lists, Plug and Play Set Up, Parental Lock, Sleep Timer, Teletext Decoder and serial interface RS 232 for uploading a new receiver software.

Echostar DSB-880:

New Echostar DSB-880 2CI Low Cost Top Quality CI Receiver, Twin Common Interface Slots, EchoStar Multilingual User Interface (10 Languages), 14 day EPG, 4,400 Digital Channels, 80 Satellites, 1,500 Transponders, Multiple Favourite Channel Lists, Freeze Picture, Multiple Search Modes, Coaxial S/PDIF Audio Output (Dolby Digital Compatible), Software Update via Internet/Satellite (RS-232/OTA), Teletext (OSD and VBI Re-insertion), Subtitling (DVB and Teletext), Symbol rate: 2-45Msym/s (SCPC/MCPC Compatible).

Star Track 950 CU:

The Star Track 950 CU receiver is the latest MPEG2 DVB Free To Air (FTA) receiver introduction from Star Track. Fast chipset, very sensitive tuner, easy menu, and the list goes on. This is a best Korean made receiver on the market today. A blind search receiver can find every feed signal. Super fast channel changing speed. Crisp picture with the S-Video output. Dolby Digital (AC3) S/PDIF optical output for your listening pleasure. The front panel of 950 CU receiver have eight buttons. The window display is situated on the left side of the receiver. The rear panel is equipped with TV scart connector, serial interface RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software, programmable 12 volt output, RCA jacks and a main power switch. The remote control has an easy access to all the commands of the receiver.

Starcruiser 9700 Gold:

This receiver is fully DVB MPEG2 Compliant, Auto Forward Error Correction (F/C), Auto Search of all Satellite Transponders, Blind Search, Find Transponders Automatically, Activates a DiSeqC 1.2 HH mount actuator, LNBF Switching logic 0/12 Volts, 22KHz Tone, Stores 4000 Channels and Ultra fast micro processor utilizing RISC technology.



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